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Making your website stand out with the latest web design trends

Your website is one of the most important parts of your business. Without an online presence, businesses could quite easily go unnoticed. Similarly, an outdated website can appear neglected, and users will often reject it in favour of another, more modern design. Here are some of the main trends to keep in mind:

Large background images

There’s no denying the visual power of images and how high-quality photos can really grab your attention. Pictures are also great at setting the mood, tone, and they help convey messages in a highly effective way. Many websites are choosing to use large images on their homepages as well as other pages throughout the site.

Powerful branding

Companies are starting to understand the true value of their websites. In many cases, the first encounter they will have with their customers is through their website. Just like physical front line staff in a showroom or store need to be as presentable and informative as possible, so too does your website. A strong branding strategy is, therefore, a necessity.

Open data

Open data, in simple terms, refers to data that can be accessed and redistributed freely. We are seeing an increasing trend in this area in particular with more people interested in increasing user participation.

Responsive web design

If your website is not yet mobile-friendly, it’s time to make necessary adjustments. With the number of mobile users on the rise, there’s no reason not to make your site suitable. However, some users still choose to use desktop devices, and you wouldn’t want to alienate them either. This is where you need responsive web design, and many companies choose this as the happy medium.

Additional Privacy

E-commerce sites have invested a fair amount in ensuring the safety and security of their customers. These days, however, customers are also looking for additional privacy. They don’t like having their details shared with third parties and, with all the spam out there, it’s no wonder why. Sites that want to really impress and gain the trust of their users will implement stronger privacy policies.

Isomorphic JavaScript

It’s no secret that Java has been the topic of many heated discussions. As a result, there have been many upgrades and updates to eliminate vulnerabilities. The latest of which being Isomorphic JavaScript. With this update, your website will no longer be slowed down by JavaScript issues.


Many aspects of web design are quite adequate, but this will never stop designers from making improvements here and there. We can expect small to moderate changes in terms of appearance and layout on a regular basis. Likewise, designers will continue to come up with new components to improve the user experience.

Bolder design

Every website is out there trying to compete with dozens or even hundreds of similar companies. As a result, it’s likely that we will see an increase in bolder designs and the use of more striking colours too.

Mouse scrolling animation

This refers to the manner in which images animate as you scroll over them with your mouse. These are great since they remain static until the user decides to scroll over them. These are becoming more and more common since they are attractive, fun, and interactive.

Animation sequences

Short animated sequences don’t take too long to load, and they make it easier to get an idea across. Rather than uploading videos, websites can keep their users interested and informed with several short animations.

Flat design

Flat design refers to a simple style of graphics. It’s the perfect contrast to real-world style graphics. It is also superior to those old pixel style graphics that once dominated the web.

New ideas

The rules that we stick to today may not be the same ones that we follow tomorrow. The one thing that remains constant is change, and it’s important to understand that your website will always be a work in progress.


Thanks to Windows 8 and its tile design, we have seen an increased number of sites using this type of design. It can prove wonderfully interactive and, as users become more familiar with this style, it is bound to become even more popular.

New methods of navigation

Navigation menus need not follow one specific format. While they should be located at the top or side of the page, there are many ways in which one may differ from another. Some websites have started experimenting with circular navigation while others skewed their entire homepage design to create an interesting means of finding your way around.

Google Maps

If your business is not yet listed on Google Maps, what are you waiting for? You need to spread the word if you want to attract customers! Likewise, you need to make it easy for them to find you so incorporate Google Maps into your site.


We are taking a step back from the complexities and revisiting the basics. Sometimes going back to the drawing board reveals a lot of aspects that have been forgotten over time. Simple designs load faster, and they are easier to navigate. This is why many sites are removing the excess and sticking with what they need.

Loading pages

Loading pages are likely to make a comeback in a big way. They might not be as interactive as they were years ago, but they will be informative and visually appealing.

More appealing font

Web designers are looking to appeal to the user’s senses by selecting an attractive font, suitable font size, comfortable spacing, and an all round easy to read effect. Websites that cause readers to strain their eyes are becoming fewer and fewer.

Goodbye coding

Coding is fast becoming a thing of the past thanks to Content Management Systems (CMS). Now, you don’t need to know a single bit of coding in order to manage your own website!


Like infographics, webgraphics are designed to provide users with a wealth of information in a short amount of space. They are presented in point format without the use of long sentences and paragraphs. They are colourful and visually appealing like photos too. They also allow the user to skim through the page and get the “just of it” without having to do any in-depth and time-consuming reading. Once they have read the details on the graphic, they can choose to continue reading more.

Whether designing your website or giving it a makeover, feel free to contact our team of experts at Gilmedia. We are always happy to assist in improving every aspect of a website to ensure that it is user-friendly as well as up to date with the latest trends.

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