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why video are important for seo
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by: Ian
3 Mar, 2020
Why Videos are Important for SEO
There are a number of ways to optimize video for search engine optimization (SEO); and if done properly, this can drive more people to your site. On top of being a great source of advertisement, videos are also a great way to connect to your customers...
how to gamify your Instagram campaign
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by: Gilmedia
28 Feb, 2019
How to Gamify an Instagram Campaign to Triple your Engagement for only 40 cents per Result
Engagement is the name of the game for all social media marketers looking to take advantage of Instagram’s algorithm to reach people. To any social media campaign, engagement is the energy that gets many people to see and participate in your campaign...
the influence of fomo marketing on millennials
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by: Gilmedia
19 Feb, 2019
The Influence of FOMO Marketing on Millennials
If you can, think back to the months and days before April 27, 2017, during the time leading up to the infamous debacle that was the Fyre Festival. Like many of you, Fyre Festival is on our minds lately because of the competing documentaries that have...
inexpensive ways to drive website traffic
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by: Gilmedia
24 Jan, 2019
6 Inexpensive Things You Can do to Start Driving Traffic to Your New Website
That moment when you finally make your company website live after weeks or months of exhaustive web design can be a very exciting time. Making your website live means that you are ready to tell the world (specifically, the world of the internet) what...
Instagram algorithm how it works
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by: Gilmedia
7 Jan, 2019
The Instagram Algorithm: How Exactly Does it Work?
In 2019, it is almost impossible to find a business that is not on Instagram, and that’s because Instagram’s meteoric rise has been nothing short of impressive. What’s more impressive? Instagram’s growth didn’t slow down in 2018, which was a...
top social media metrics
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by: Gilmedia
2 Jan, 2019
The 6 Social Media Metrics You Should be Tracking
If there is one thing all social media marketers hate dealing with, it is convincing their boss about the return on investment (or ROI as it known amongst us cool people) of social media. Social media marketers are often bombarded with questions like...
how to create video tutorials
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by: Gilmedia
21 Dec, 2018
Mastering Videos: Creating and Publishing Video Tutorials
Creating videos is a great way to market your brand and establish yourself as a credible source, especially if you are in ecommerce. Remember, potential customers are unable to touch and see the real version of your product, which is why you have to turn...
social media trends 2019
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by: Gilmedia
18 Dec, 2018
Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019
As the year comes to a close, many people take time to reflect on the year that was and look forward to the new opportunities that await them in the new year. For marketers, specifically online marketers, this is a time to think about the trends that...
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