SEO For Car Mechanic

In this case study, we are going to take a look at the SEO work we did for a local car mechanic. We’re going to go step-by-step to list every part of our SEO for car mechanic strategy in order to show you how we achieved success for this client.

Project Highlights

SEO Package
Keywords in top 10
Quality backlinks
Organic traffic
4 months
For noticeable results
4 Months
Months with client

Project Goals And Challenges

As is the case with most car mechanics, our client’s shop competes with many different shops. There are so many of these shops around, and so many of them are making moves on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). With many different companies already entrenched on relevant SERPs, it meant we had to put a lot of work into unseating the competition. We had to do a full audit of the website to see where we could make improvements and where there was opportunity for growth.

Our Roadmap To Success

With this project, we inherited a website that was designed by another company. This meant we could not establish the foundation for our SEO for car mechanic strategy. Instead, we had to make improvement where we could and use the options available to us to achieve our goals. Even though we did not design the website, we could still build on what was already there to make the website rank better. Here are the things we did for this car mechanic:

Step 1: Planning the Keywords

We first had to come up with a list of 20 primary keywords that we would start targeting. We also had to key in on secondary keywords that we should look at as well. We saw that we could cast a wide net and optimize for many keywords that could help get the client many leads. So when it came to establishing our keywords, these are the things we did:

  • Sat with the client to discuss the most important keywords to them
  • Looked into where competitors were ranking and what keywords they were targeting
  • Checked the search volume of our keywords
  • Came up with a list of 20 primary keywords
  • Came up with a list of secondary keywords
  •  Looked at the most important cities the client wanted to rank well in

Step 2: Made Plans For Content

With the keywords established, we were then able to turn our attention to the content we could produce for the website. With 20 main keywords to target, there were a lot of opportunities for content generation. We had to be strategic about the most important keywords to start with and work our way towards the other ones. Our team had to work quickly so the client could make up ground on their competitors.

  • Created a plan for blog articles, with interesting topics
  • Wrote blog articles every month 
  • Started creating landing pages for car brands that the client could work with
  • Generated content for landing pages that targeted cities around the client’s shop
  • Wrote articles to be published on other sites as part of our Digital PR plans
  • Improved existing content on pages across the website

Step 3: On-Page SEO Tactics

Since we inherited a website designed by another company, we knew we had to go through the site to see where we could make improvements. We also had to look ‘under the hood’ to make sure there weren’t any issues with the code. So here’s what we did:

  • Reviewed and updated header tags across the site
  • Strategically placed our keywords on relevant pages
  • Interlinked pages on the site
  • Downloaded images on the site, reduced the file size and re-uploaded them
  • Added alt text to images on the site
  • Edited the meta information for pages
  • Disavowed spammy links

Step 4: Off-Site SEO Tactics

This is one area where we believed there was plenty of opportunity for growth. Our team saw that this was an avenue where the company had not pursued aggressively. After we made our improvements to the website, we were able to put a lot of our effort into off-site SEO work. These are the things that we did:

  • Did tiered link building using white hat tactics
  • Acquired quality backlinks to the website
  • Published guest articles on blogs
  • Created sponsored content for authority websites 
  • Managed the company’s Google My Business account
  • Made citations on business listing sites
  • Created video

Our Results For This Car Mechanic

As is always the case with SEO work, it can take awhile to start to see results. Luckily for this client, they started to see results after about four months of working with our professionals, both from an organic traffic and keyword position perspective.

Although these results are still early, both our team and the client are excited to see where we will be in a year or even two years. In the meantime, we’re going to continue implementing our SEO for car mechanic strategies and help this client achieve their business goals.


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