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This case study will showcase our SEO for a window installation company. In particular, we will guide you through our journey of how we developed this SEO strategy and the results we got through employing these efforts. Windows installation and replacement is a very competitive field, and as such, it makes professionals in this field work extra hard to stay competitive. This, of course, extends to their digital marketing efforts, which includes having an impeccable website, investing extra efforts into their SEO, social media and paid advertising, to name a few. Here are some highlights of our very successful SEO strategy for our client who does windows and doors installation:

Project Highlights

SEO Package
Keywords in top 10
Quality backlinks
Organic traffic
8 months
For noticeable results
Years with client

Project Goals And Challenges

We knew that if we wanted to achieve first page results for this client, we first had to design a spotless website that showcases their expertise in the industry and emphasizes the quality of their products. When we first spoke to this client, they had no exposure whatsoever. If someone googled window installer or windows replacement, they would end up going to their competitors, which is what made the challenge so exciting. We took this client from no visibility to first page top results for the most competitive keywords in the field, and we didn’t stop there. Here’s how our plan went:

Our Path To Success

In order to develop an effective SEO strategy for this client, we first had to think of the priorities and what would make a business successful within that industry. These include attracting new clients, communicating with existing clients, introducing new and advanced products, and others. In order to achieve any of these goals, one thing was clear, we needed to build a seamless website that features great content, a robust infrastructure to display projects and products, is easy to navigate and has clear messages, among many other highlights.

Step 1: Custom Website Design

One thing is sure, you can’t get conversions if your website doesn’t provide a great experience. We focused on UX design and ease of use when we were building this website, but we didn’t forget about all the highlights that need to be mentioned about each product, whether it’s a window or a door. Our priority was to build our client a responsive, fully optimized website that will serve as a solid foundation to all our future SEO efforts. Here are some of the things that included:

  • A sophisticated and modern website that features real images from the client’s projects
  • A mobile design that is fully responsive
  • Simple navigation
  • A structured menu that features all windows and doors in an organized manner
  • A robust gallery that showcases not only product images but also the many project images that the client took on-site
  • An expansive local infrastructure
  • User-friendly product pages and landing pages for service areas

Once we determined the must haves for this client’s website, it was easy for us to envision what the site would look like, and we knew exactly how to make this website our client’s most valuable investment yet.

Step 2: Keyword Planning

Now that we had this razor sharp, immaculate website, it was time to move on to keyword research and start our SEO strategy. We knew how challenging and competitive the industry is, so we had to be extra meticulous in our keyword selection. We had to make sure that every keyword was relevant, and with the client’s help, we were able to pinpoint the most important search terms that were relevant. Here’s how that went:

  • We determined areas of interest and created a list of local search keywords
  • We developed a list of main keywords together with the client
  • We cross-checked the new keywords in different analytics tools to determine how competitive they were and which ones were most searched
  • We used these keywords in text throughout the website to optimize further, making sure it all flows naturally and that the text isn’t overstuffed
  • We included a combination of long-tail and short keywords to optimize the text and make it relevant to the user
  • We kept monitoring trends in order to identify additional keywords and potential improvements

Step 3: Content Plan

As it is for all other industries, SEO for window and door installers relies heavily on high quality content. Our experts went through each and every product page and landing page and improved and enriched the content to make it super relevant to the user and to make them search engine friendly. Our content plan was welcomed by the client, and they were very excited to get started. Here’s what it included:

  • Articles and vlogs plan
  • Enrichment of content for existing pages
  • Building new location pages for service areas
  • Building new product pages
  • Improvements that included adding relevant information such as prices of window installation or product highlights
  • Ensuring that the content on every page flows naturally with titles and tags fully optimized
  • Ensuring that the content guides the user towards converting
  • Creating new tools such as pricing calculators and  pages to target different audiences
  • Creating content for different efforts such as PR

Step 4: On-Page SEO For The Website

Content improvements are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to relevant SEO efforts. Since we designed the website, we were able to fully optimize it for our future SEO strategy. That means we made sure that the website has a robust infrastructure, that it loads super fast and that it is fully responsive, no matter what device is used to access it. This ensured we have a strong foundation for our SEO plan, which included:

  • Making sure all header tags are relevant and that they support our overall strategy (H1s, H2s, H3s, etc.)
  • Creating easy to navigate landing pages with CTAs prominently displayed
  • Interlinking relevant content
  • Incorporating visually captivating images and portfolio
  • Optimizing product images in terms of size and quality
  • Making sure all images have a proper description and relevant alt tags
  • Writing relevant and eye-catching meta descriptions and titles
  • Creating short and descriptive urls
  • Ensuring all keywords are incorporated into the text naturally

Step 5: Off-Site SEO Work

On-page SEO is one thing, but we also employed different off-page SEO tactics in order to maximize the results for our client and get them to the first page faster. This strategy was developed in order to increase our client’s visibility and support our SEO strategy and it included:

  • Getting quality links from other sites to the client’s website
  • Publishing articles on high-authority websites
  • Wrote guest articles
  • Optimizing for local search, such as Google Maps
  • Posted content on the company’s social media channels
  • Posting news and updates about the client’s products across various channels
  • Updating the client’s social media channels regularly

Our Results For This Project

To measure success for this client, we looked at different aspects such as the website’s performance, contact forms, traffic and other metrics. With the help of our different tactics and efforts, the client soon started seeing a great increase in the amount of contact forms and calls that they were receiving, which meant more landed projects.

Taking into account the amazing results that we have achieved, we can certainly say that the SEO strategy for this window installer was a huge success. 

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