SEO For Car Detailing Company

In this case study, we are going to take a deep dive into the SEO work we did for a car detailing company. This case study will examine the entirety of this SEO for car detailing project, from the initial web design stage and all of the way toward our off-website SEO tactics.

Project Highlights

SEO Package
Keywords in top 10
Quality backlinks
Organic traffic
5 months
For noticeable results
Years with client

Project Goals And Challenges

This client didn’t operate just ANY car detailing company. This company has a physical location where they clean cars, but they also offer a mobile car detailing service, which means they go to the client to work on the client’s vehicle. We not only had to help the client rank for ‘car/auto detailing’ keywords, but we also had to help them rank for ‘mobile car/auto detailing’ keywords. And because they have a mobile service, the client’s potential list of service areas was long and wide-ranging.

Our Path To Success

Before we could do anything SEO-related for this client, we first had to design their new website. Our SEO detailing efforts would ultimately prove fruitless if we weren’t working with a solid foundation - a clean, modern and attractive website. Once we had that, we were able to move forward and execute our SEO for car detailing tactics one-by-one. In the next section we’ll break down our efforts so you can see the steps we took to help this client.

Step 1: Custom Website Design

Many of these projects begin at the web design phase. Whether the client needs a brand new website or a redesign of their current website, this is the most important part of the process. Like many websites for our SEO clients, our goal was to:

  • Design a new, customized website
  • Give it a modern, clean design
  • Ensure it is user-friendly and mobile-friendly
  • Create organized, structured menus so the site is easy to navigate
  • Create a page with an easy-to-read pricing chart for the different vehicles the company services
  • Design landing pages for different brands and cities
  • Focus on generating leads (filling out forms and calling the shop)
  • Host site on a reliable local infrastructure
  • Establish a clean website code

Step 2: Planning Our Keywords

At this point of the project, it was time to think about the keywords that we would optimize for. As we said before, the company has a physical location and offers mobile services. So we had to plan for both types of keywords. On top of that, they worked in many different cities and worked on many different brands of cars. So here’s what we did:

  • Got the client’s input on keywords and discussed what they would like to rank for
  • Researched competitor keywords
  • Investigated search volume for potential keywords
  • Collected list of cities/neighbourhoods the client could operate in and we could target
  • Developed list of long-tail keywords
  • Looked up trends to determine potentially new keywords

Step 3: Content For The New Site

After we established our list of primary and secondary keywords, we were able to move on to the content planning phase of the project. We were able to start brainstorming content around our list of keywords to help boost our SEO for car detailing efforts. Since we were starting from scratch with a new website, there was a lot of ground for us to cover. This is what we did:

  • Developed a list of topics for blog articles and digital PR articles
  • Wrote the articles to publish on the company’s blog
  • Developed a list of landing pages for cities and brands
  • Wrote the content for these cities and brands pages
  • Wrote content for the website (about us page, service pages, homepage, etc.)
  • Gathered images of the client’s work to spread out across the new website

Step 4: On-Page SEO For The Website

Because we were starting fresh with a brand new website, this meant that we were in a very good position when it came to establishing best SEO practices. This is definitely a huge benefit when taking on an SEO client. Here are the SEO-related things we were doing while building the website:

  • Established proper header tags (H1s, H2s, H3s, etc.)
  • Incorporated the right keywords on certain pages
  • Ensured those keywords were used in the first 200 words on the pages
  • Interlinked pages
  • Optimized file sizes for images
  • Made effective alt text for images
  • Wrote quality meta information for each page
  • Established structured data on the website
  • Disavowed spammy links

Step 5: Off-Site SEO Work

There are many things you can do off of a website in concert with all of the SEO activities you do on a website. These are just as important as on-page activities, especially when it comes to establishing your site as authoritative and trustworthy. We like to dive right into these tactics because the benefits are amazing for the client. This is what we did:

  • White hat tiered link building
  • Acquiring quality backlinks from authority sites to the client’s website
  • Wrote guest articles on blogs
  • Published content on other websites
  • Posted content on the company’s social media channels
  • Maintained and updated the company’s Google My Business
  • Made citations for the site on various business listing websites

Our Results For This Project

After the client enlisted the help of our team, we immediately got to work implementing our SEO for car detailing plan, strategies and tactics. It didn’t take too long for the client to see the fruits of our efforts, as they started to see noticeable results after just 5 months.

Whether it was for our primary keywords, city keywords or brand keywords, the client started to see their website in strong positions when running a relevant search query. Naturally, this led to more business for the client, as their service/city/brand landing pages were converting more and more users customers.

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