If only there was a way to automatically calculate the square footage and material needed for each project that your roofing company does. Or if you could have your customers calculate the costs of new windows by themselves on your window installation website, so that you don’t have to deal with so many calculations and inquiries. We’ve got news for you… there is a way, and yes, you can! Whatever is hindering your company’s processes, Gilmedia can develop a custom system that will help you streamline them better. We aim to get a full understanding of your business in order to find an approach that fits your requirements perfectly, no matter what industry you come from. We’ll help you find an easier solution to manage tasks, reach out to your target audiences, improve internal communication, or develop a unique and simplified system to save you both time and money through automated processes.


Your business is unique. We get that! Gilmedia recognizes the importance of having customized tools that will help you streamline processes better and save time and money in the long-run. That’s why you need custom systems that are specifically tailored to your needs, and we have the experience to provide you with the tools that will help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking for a new tool to help you improve internal processes, or simply want to make changes and improvements to your existing system, Gilmedia listens to your needs and ensures all solutions work to your benefit.

Making It Easier For You

Whether you need to automate workflows, deliver actionable data, upgrade security, or use specific tools to save time and pave the way for business growth, Gilmedia offers intelligent solutions that will make your processes so much easier.

Save Time

Gilmedia’s custom systems focus on providing an end-to-end experience, ultimately saving time through automated integrations that help you focus on the right stuff.

More Opportunities

By enabling new features and services through improved system functionality, you can open your business to growth opportunities. Let our team help you generate better results.

Maximise Efficiency

Many businesses struggle with eliminating redundant processes and streamlining operations. Gilmedia’s integrations allow for accuracy and precision by eliminating human errors.

Systems that Work

Empower customers, maintain easy communication with suppliers, colleagues and other stakeholders, or build your own customer relationship management system.

Endless Possibilities

Our custom systems support businesses like yours through scalable architecture with reliable and secure management solutions. Gilmedia designs systems with unique user Interface and usability options that enhance your business’ efficiency and ensure competitive advantages in today’s overcrowded marketplace. From improving your inter-business communications and customer service via portals to gaining competitive advantage by implementing tools that simplify processes, we help you get control over operating costs, manage your customers better, and so much more!

Here to Support You

From initial consultation and research to design, development, approval and implementation of our custom system, Gilmedia is always there to provide you with the support you need to move forward. To provide you with a full-service custom system, we design and integrate content, design elements, offer maintenance and support measures so you end up with simple, automated business processes, complete support and improved communication through integrated applications and web services.

Designed to Impress

Our custom systems have the sole purpose of satisfying your business’ needs in terms of functionality and design (especially if you’re looking for integrations that help manage user-generated content). Whether you need a membership portal, a consumer portal, a customer relationship management system or any other user facing system, it is important to offer a seamless user- experience with a simple design and easy-to-use features. Gilmedia designs all custom systems with the end user’s convenience in mind and we make sure all systems are fully responsive and fit any screen or device. If your team uses tablets to make accurate measurements, note them down and then forward them to your collaboration portals, the system we build you will not only work smoothly on all types of tablets but all other devices as well.

Just What You Need

We’ve developed many custom systems in the past, for both big and small businesses, and the one thing that we learned is that, apart from bringing enormous value to the business itself and providing a significant return on investment, custom systems and all its integration requirements only work when they’re well thought out and simple to use. With a detailed approach to the specific needs of our clients’ businesses and a deep understanding of the industry they’re in, our experts develop custom systems that make our clients say: “This is exactly what we want/need.”


Let our team help you gain control over all processes in your business and make it easier for you to save time and money that would otherwise be wasted on futile tasks. We design custom systems that even non-technical users easily understand. We make it easier for your business to do business, so let’s chat.