We all have seen the search results that appear on Google above and beside regular search results, but how do they get there? Companies pay Google on what is described as a “pay per click” basis to appear in this extremely visible position when certain words are searched on Google. This means that you pay Google a predetermined amount every time someone clicks on your link.

Pay per click advertising on Google can be an incredibly useful tool for driving traffic to your company website. Gilmedia applies its experience in search engine optimization to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Google pay per click advertisements. When you trust Gilmedia to manage your pay per click advertising, you can be confident your company’s website is garnering the greatest amount of relevant traffic for the smallest amount of money.


When a company invests in pay per click advertising on Google, it sets a predetermined budget and chooses the keywords it wishes to target. As one might imagine, more desirable keywords may cost more money. For example, a company that sells light bulbs in Toronto may choose to target the words “light bulbs Toronto” and set a budget of $500. If Google charges ten cents per click, the company’s ad would cease to appear after 5,000 people clicked on it. But what budget is appropriate and which keywords should be targeted in order to get the best results? That’s where Gilmedia comes in.

Our Campaign Management - Your Success

Target the right customers, reduce your cost per click and get more revenue. Gilmedia watches over your campaigns like a hawk to make sure you’re getting the best results.


With a data driven approach to keyword research, strategic timing and constant communication, we help you find and target the right users.


We craft hyper-targeted, meaningful campaigns based on key demographic behaviours, emotional triggers and intentions that lead to conversions.

Campaign running

Our campaigns are fine-tuned for performance, which means that you spend less and earn more through continuous research, testing and reporting.

Daily monitoring

PPC is a lot more than just setting up the campaign. To get you the best results, Gilmedia continuously monitors, analyses and adjusts your campaigns.

The Recipe For Success

Gilmedia ensures you are getting the greatest amount of relevant traffic with your pay per click advertising budget. Our goal is to help our clients get a remarkable return on investment and stay ahead of competition. The campaigns we build consist of multiple ads, each one crafted to appeal to your target audience. We work with you to determine an appropriate pay per click budget and then we carefully maximize the number of clicks you receive by optimizing your website and choosing the best possible keywords to target. The key to running successful PPC campaigns is knowing how to make them profitable by showing ads to users who are ready to convert, and to optimize ads for conversions instead of clicks.

The Secret Ingredient

Any business owner knows that the first step to increase sales is to get customers through the door. In the online world, this means driving customers to your company’s website. It must always provide the right answers to users’ queries. Think about it this way: your ads are the shiny packaging, and your website is the product. If you have great ads, but a slow, complicated website with content that doesn’t offer the right answers, that’s a good way to lose potential customers. Gilmedia designs relevant websites and landing pages geared towards the interests of your target audience, so you can get the most out of your investment.

We Deliver Results, Not Excuses

We like our clients to think of us as their faithful workabees. From our first chat (the first of the many, many sessions that we’ll have) to the moment we launch your campaigns and throughout ongoing PPC management, we provide you with full support that includes constant communication and crystal clear reporting. We monitor everything (nothing creepy don’t worry), and we’re always on top of the results you get (calls, leads, conversions). Through our carefully outlined processes, we weed out the search terms and keywords that don’t perform, help you reduce overall costs and improve your quality score.

The Bottom Line

With the right support in your PPC advertisement, your web presence can go from zero to first page dominance in no time. Gilmedia partners with the right people to make sure you are getting exposure, traffic and conversions. We’re certified in Google Search ads, Mobile Adwords, Google Shopping and Video ads. We’re also a certified Google Premiere Partner and one of the 30 companies in all of Canada with Google’s representatives supporting our team. We don’t do fairy tales, only real-life success stories. Let’s add yours to the reading list!


Let’s think of your website as an actual place for a moment. Out of all the customers that visited your store, there were quite a few that were “just browsing” and said that they’d come back later. Wouldn’t it be great to somehow send them a reminder? Well that’s what remarketing does, and Gilmedia is an expert in targeting previous website visitors and placing your brand right in front of them. As it turns out, the majority of web users don’t convert on the very first visit, and Gilmedia knows how to track them down with relevant ads to give you an edge over your competitors and ultimately turn first-time visitors into later conversions.


Let Gilmedia help you make the most of your advertising budget, while getting the word out about your company in the most effective way possible. Our talented team of professionals are well versed in creating targeted, efficient campaigns. Contact us today to learn more.