In addition to creating a visually stunning, easy to navigate website for your company, Gilmedia’s talented writing staff will fill that website with words. Online content writing requires a skilled hand. As consumers, we visit dozens of websites daily but rarely do we bother to read the words on the page. At Gilmedia we recognize the limited attention span of the modern consumer and develop content that specifically caters to their fleeting whims.

There are a number of factors that go into creating effective online content that go far beyond simply being a strong writer. The layout of online content is equally important as the actual words. Additionally, content writing is a key component of search engine optimization. Properly executed online content helps to push your website to the top of search engine results. At Gilmedia we take all these things into consideration when developing compelling content for your company’s website.


Content writing is yet another factor that relates back to your company’s brand. The content featured on your company’s website should be consistent with the core values and image you want your company to portray. At Gilmedia, we not only ensure that your content is beautifully written, but also that the tone and style are consistent with your company’s brand. Whether you wish to come across as serious and dependable, or quirky and offbeat, the content writers at Gilmedia deliver writing that accurately reflects your brand.

No Empty Words

They say that empty words are better left unsaid, and we completely agree. We craft our words to give your copy a meaningful purpose, not just to fill in the blank spaces.

Content Masters

Our creative team knows not of writer’s block. They’re the keyboard masters that take content writing to a whole new level.


From brief to screen, we take the time to investigate everything related to your business and your industry in order to bring your idea to life.

What's the Word?

Our skilled content producers know how to hit the bullseye with the right messages that are carefully crafted to engage and convert.

The Right Plan

We offer the perfect fusion of data-driven strategies and creative copy to make sure you attract the right kind of attention.

The Right Message

True content marketing experts know that online customers are not static, and in order to get their attention, you have to be able to deliver meaningful, engaging content throughout the online world. Gilmedia is here to tell your brand narrative and entice website visitors, social media followers and turn them into meaningful leads. We compile, evaluate and track every bit of data across all online distribution channels to craft the best content for the right audience, at the right time.

What About Content Marketing?

Brilliant writers who take the time to understand your business are rare, and we’re lucky enough to have some of them on our team. We are dedicated to creating clear, compelling content for your brand, and we make sure that everyone gets the message. No matter what industry you’re in, no matter how niche, we create, publish and promote content that helps you reach the top. At Gilmedia, we believe that content marketing is a reciprocal relationship between your business and your target audience, and the only way to grab and keep their attention is to give them useful content.

Landing Pages That Convert

Website copy is one of the most important on-page factors for getting conversions. In order to get results, you need to make users trust you and keep them focused on your conversion goals. We’ve seen many websites fail to achieve this, and it is usually the lack of strategic placement and relevant content that proves detrimental to how well the website converts. Long gone are the days where web content writing solely involved producing a high volume of keyword-focused content. Nowadays, it is all about quality over quantity, and Gilmedia’s wordsmiths are just the right people for the job.

Eye Catching Content

In a perfect world, every customer that visits your company website will read every last word on every single page. The unfortunate reality is that most customers simply skim the content written on a website while others still opt not to bother reading it at all. An Effective content layout can mean the difference between a customer not absorbing or absorbing the information on your website. We carefully layout the content on your website so that even the laziest customer can take away key pieces of information.

What You Don't See

Few people realize how integral content is to search engine optimization. Google and other search engines have incredibly complex systems in place to scan a website’s content and determine whether or not it is relevant to certain searches. The content writing experts at Gilmedia ensure that your website’s content is written in such a way that makes your website come first in relevant online searches. Creating engaging, search engine optimized content is an ongoing process. In order for your website to remain at the top of Google searches, new, relevant content must be featured on your website all the time. The content writers at Gilmedia continuously add and revise the content on your website in order to ensure it is always at the top of Google searches.


To learn more about Gilmedia’s comprehensive content writing, contact us today. Our talented team of word-producers knows the way to a search engine’s heart – we ensure that your content conveys the message, and more. Give a call to learn more about the customized content writing services available.