Having consistent, visually stunning graphic design is an important part of building your company’s overall brand identity. Graphic design extends far beyond the creation of your company’s website. Graphic design can include a company logo, the visual representation of your company name or the overall design of anything customers encounter that relates to your business. This can include online elements, like your website, Facebook page or Twitter, and offline elements, like your business cards, letterheads and invoices.

Gilmedia works with you to create a vision for all graphic design elements relating to your business. We have ample experience in all aspects of graphic design from logo development to letterheads to business cards. Whether you are starting a new business or you are looking to revitalize the graphic design elements of your existing business, Gilmedia will develop something unique and eye catching that captures the essence of your company.


As consumers, we are bombarded with thousands of brand images every day. Having a logo that is easily recognizable can put your company ahead of the pack. Gilmedia’s talented graphic design team creates brand images that stick with consumers. In addition to granting your company additional brand recognition, well executed graphic design tells consumers that your company is professional and modern.

Beauty you can see

We help you tell your story through compelling, authentically engaging and timeless designs that drive your business to the forefront of your industry.

A flair for design

Our talented team of designers know how to make your brand unique and recognizable with that je ne sais quoi trait that challenges modern design.

Making an impact

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or building your existing online presence, we’re the innovative thinkers that get you where you need to be.

Working with you, for you

We’re here to work with you and define your goal. Once we have a full understanding of your unique business, we deliver solutions that will help you win the game.

Brand representation

We see graphic design as an integral component of the image your company sends to its customers and we craft compelling designs worthy of admiration.

A creative world

Logo design, brand books, stationery, envelopes, cups… we design everything you need to get your brand out there. Our skilled team of creative designers have a knack for giving your brand that “wow’ factor that will help you leave a mark and build your identity in the business world. We take the time to listen to our clients and make sure that their unique image and brand identity are consistent throughout their website, social media and anywhere else in the online and offline world.

A diverse creative bunch

Through clever design and collaborative thinking, we create seamless websites, recognizable brand identities, established social media presences, product packaging and all kinds of creative material that help our clients establish their authenticity. Every morning, our team walks into the office with one sole purpose in mind, to do their best work and enjoy every minute of it. Our passion for creative design is what makes us tick and it is our multifactorial approach to design that makes us different from other marketing agencies.


It is important that all elements of graphic design that relate to your company are telling the same story. This extends to obvious things, like using the same logo across all company materials, and less obvious things, like using the same font. Gilmedia looks at the whole picture to ensure that all of your graphic design elements are pieces of the same puzzle. Consistency in your company’s graphic design creates a strong message your customers will respond to.


When it comes to graphic design, Gilmedia leaves no stone unturned. We are committed to making sure all visual aspects of your company are cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. From your company logo to your letterheads, from your Twitter page to your Facebook page, Gilmedia takes a holistic approach to your company’s graphic design, down to the most minute detail. At Gilmedia, we see graphic design as more than just pictures and words. Trust the graphic design experts at Gilmedia with creating an all encompassing graphic design solution for your company.


Whether you want to create a new logo for a new company or are looking to revitalize the face of an existing company, Gilmedia has you covered. Contact us today to learn more about how our graphic design services can help propel your company forward in more ways than one.